Some Smaller(?) Suggestions

Hi Neicudi, first off your site is very well built. I haven’t run into any issues, and the web app runs flawlessly on my iPhone which is something many sites lack flat out. I do have some minor suggestions though:

  1. Notifications for the web app when reviews are available. This is something Tsurukame does with their web app which is super nice. I’ve only just started digging around and haven’t hit my first reviews, so this might be irrelevant, but I couldn’t see any way to toggle or modify notifications for it.

  2. Add a default limit option for individual decks. Right now it’s locked to five, so I have to go in and manually add more. It’s nice in concept, but if I want to do 10 per day, it’d be nice to just set the option to give me 10 per day rather than manually add 5 more each time.

Other than that, I definitely see myself subbing and using Kitsun as a main study resource for the forseeable future after the trial. The site’s way too well designed to pass up. Great work :+1:

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Kitsun already supports notifications, at least I receive them on Android+Chrome. No idea how I activated them, though :sweat_smile:

For the limit, you go the deck’s main page, then the green “Deck Settings” button. Under “Lessons”, it’s “Lessons Per Day”. You can also set the SRS intervals, etc.

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Weird, maybe it’s an iOS thing? Cause I also get them on Chrome, but they don’t show up on the web app for the iOS. Maybe another iOS user can help out there, cause I checked again and it doesn’t show up for me.

And thanks for the tip on where to find the Lessons cap!

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Yes, there are always some iOS specific bugs coming up …

I remember darkly that Neicudi was working on native apps, this should solve lots of other issues with mobile browsers as well.

Welcome to the forums, @WitheredGryphon :grin::tada: Hope to see you around ^^

I don’t use iOS, but if I remember correctly Neicudi said that iOS doesn’t allow this type of notifications from the browser :thinking:

Heya! Thanks for the compliments! :blush:

Sadly Apple does not allow websites to send browser notifications. Tsurukame is an actual app (afaik) which makes the difference in that regard. I have plans for native apps for Kitsun within this year though, so notifications will be coming with those for sure :smiley:

Glad to have you around! :smiley:

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You were right, I was thinking Tsurukame was a web app, but I installed it so long ago that I forgot it was an actual native app. Looking forward to the Kitsun app though!

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