Some of my known words are not shown as "KNOWN" in Jisho search




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I took a look and it seems that it checked it with a different form as jisho reported that as the “slug” (甦る), which is why it thinks it is not known yet.

I’ll change this to the form you see at the result and it should be marked as known from then on.

Thanks for reporting!

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I’m noticing that dictionary generated kanji cards are not getting marked as ‘known’ once reviewed or indicated in the deck manager. It seems to get indicated once manually marked ‘as known’ in the dictionary but the purple box won’t appear in deck manager. Many of these cards were made before the known system was released but they were definitely reviewed after. And I do have recent cards that I made within the last month where the review won’t trigger the dictionary or card manager as a known kanji.

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Hey! Currently only completing the associated lesson will mark a card as known (so not reviews). It’s a bit of a bummer but for existing reviews (that you learned prior to the known words update) you’d have to do a quick filter of cards above level 0 -> select them -> mark as known.

From a technical standpoint it made more sense to do it through the lessons rather than to try to add it whenever a review has been completed (as they come back everytime due to SRS). So that’s the main reason for it.


Thanks for the fast reply! Just to clarify, the described behavior above has been to dictionary made kanji cards only (vocab are ok) where cards are ‘known’ and recognized in dictionary but not recognized in card management which has an effect when using known/unknown filters (and also associated lesson were not triggering to mark as known either which has been perfect with vocab, experienced pre/post update in kanji cards). Seen this in a couple different decks…I don’t have a specific need ATM but didn’t know if others had issues either so just a heads up, perhaps less experienced since vocab is probably used more heavily used than kanji.

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Ah, it could be that the display field of that template is a bit different, I’ll check if everything is set correctly!

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