Showing hints / synonym during review for a single card


I was wondering how I can add a gray box when reviewing that shows a hint. For example if you are testing あの> English the answer could be “that or um” . I mentioned this in the Genki deck and it was implemented, but i am not sure how to add this to my own decks. When I think about all the synonyms going from English > Japanese it would be useful to have a gray box that states ( not —).Like in my screen shot here from the Genki deck.

I imagine this is done by scripts? Could anyone let me know how I could do this? Thank you. I suppose an alternative is just to add another synonym as an accepted entry.

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You would have to edit the layouts that your personal cards are using in order to add it.

In this case you would add a field called “hint” to your template, fill in the values for your cards, add the field to your layouts with {{fieldname}} and then style it with css.

I plan on adding a feature that gives a hint upon input for these kinda situations as adding this yourself could become pretty difficult without having technical knowledge of html and css.

It’s been requested a few times before, so you can be sure that it is coming :slight_smile:

Thank you! That would be greatly appreciated.