Show custom layouts first, not last

For most users who create custom layouts, I imagine they’ve done so because they want to use those custom layouts instead of the default ones.

Putting the custom layouts at the end of the sort order forces those users to scroll through the whole default layout list more often than not.

My request is to have my custom layout show up first in the list, instead of last.


Hey, sorry for the late response, I think I accidentally missed your post!

Yeah, I can definitely see how that’d be nice to have. One problem I kinda have with this is that at some point the user might’ve imported multiple (anki) decks which result in a bunch of templates they do use in their imported decks, but maybe not in general. Perhaps having a way to specify the order might be even better in that case? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That’s fair - I suppose it depends on your typical user - perhaps a quick backend database query would give some clues if users who have custom templates on their accounts, primarily use those vs the built-in ones.

Agreed! But I imagine that’s a more time consuming feature to implement too - perhaps a good middle ground would be a “favorite” flag, which pushes favorited templates to the top of your list? That would certainly cover my use case!

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