Should I have all of the Layouts active?

So I’ve been doing wanikani for a little over a month now and just started using Kitsun a few days ago. I’ve been doing the 10k deck and I’m wondering if I should have all of the layouts active under Layout Filtering like I do right now. Seems like its making a lot of reviews but if that’s the best way to learn then I will keep it that way.


Nice to see you here! I agree that the number of layouts in the 10k set can make it go a lot slower than most others. I think it’s totally fine to turn off some layouts as long as you’re practicing them in other sets or in other ways. Personally, I would turn off the sentence comprehension sets. They’re pretty useful for sure, but you’ll hopefully be hearing/reading the words you learn in the set in other contexts anyways. The real advantage of that layout is the good translations here, but once again, not a huge deal if you turned it off.
Also, at the end of the day, I would just turn off whatever you don’t feel you’re up to doing. The goal of course is to keep on learning Japanese period, so it’s better not to make it a burden in favor of learning in the “best way.”

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My opinion is that you should only focus on Meaning and Reading layouts and disable others. The rest of your time is better spent immersing to understand first-hand how the words you’ve learnt to recognize are actually used in real life.


Also I’m not sure about anyone else, but I seem to be having the problem in the deck where I’m feeling like a desync between the vocab I’m learning and the sentences I’m reading in that set. Might have to do with the vocab I hibernated.