Several information in a field

Hi Kitsun,

I want to create a card with information in a unique field (e.g. 特別(な), so with furigana 特別[とくべつ] ), but I just want to write とくべつ as answer. Here, (な) is just a visual information.
Is there a way in the editor to do that? Or am I forced to create another field (i.e. one with “特別[とくべつ]”, the other one with “(な)”)?

Thank you in advance for your answer!

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There’s several ways you could implement this:

  • You could add a new field called “na-adjective” and make it render “(な)” conditionally on where the field has a value or not (so you can just fill in “x” if it is a na-adjective. You can conditionally render the extra info with the {{#fieldname}}(な){{/fieldname}} syntax in your html.
  • You could duplicate the layout and make the (な) part static. Then select the layout when needed. But obviously this would be a bad solution if you have a lot of layouts and will require additional management for both the layouts and cards…
  • Like you mentioned, you could make a special “display” field that is used just for showing a pretty version.

I’d say the first option is the way to go as it would require less input per card :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I still prefer the third solution because it allows to write also other things :slight_smile:

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