Separate SRS for different card elements

I am trying out for the first time. The biggest feature missing so far is that (as far as I can tell) SRS applies to a card as a whole, rather than individual questions within a card.

For instance: a Japanese vocab deck I am using has a card for the vocab word “pencil”. This card includes 3 review questions:
A. Show english word ‘pencil’ and ask me to enter the phonetic japanese word
B. Show the japanese kanji and ask me to identify the meaning
C. Play the audio of the phonetic japanese and ask me for the meaning

As far as I can tell, the SRS spacing of reviews applies to the whole card, rather than each of these individual elements, which creates issues. In this exampe, I am already good at [A] and [C], but I struggle to remember the kanji [B].

Two things happen as a result:

  1. When I get [B] wrong, that brings the whole card down an SRS level, so I end up wasting time reviewing [A] and [C] a lot, even though I know them well.
  2. Because the whole card follows the same SRS timing, I am always reviewing A, B, and C questions in the same review session. This means when I see a review for [B], I often have just seen [A] or [C], so I’m already primed that the “pencil” vocab will be in this review. This makes it easier to guess the answer to [B], even if I would not have recognized the kanji on their own.

For me, this is a big enough issue that it sort of defeats the purpose of the SRS system. If there is a way to fix this in settings, please let me know.

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I don’t know about the rest, but to alleviate this problem you can enable the “Delay Card Siblings” setting for the deck.

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