Sentences 10K for Kitsun

Can someone make something like this for the core 10K deck ?
Lol I tried to upload this one, I think I broke kitsun the upload is stuck at 100.02% completed haha

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Will you be posting this on Anki forums too?

I’m just teasing since you just posted this on WK forums too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Deleted it off WK. Made more sense to post it here.
Naa the anki version works lol
I am still curious as to why this anki deck breaks the kitsun upload.


Maybe it’s the template? I assume you might be trying to use the Wanki one that was posted which if modified for Anki, may not work here. Maybe try the 10k Sen Kitsun Mod - Community Deck (in the Kitsun Community Centre). I used it to upload all the WK sentences and it works great on Kitsun!

I’ll leave the link for anyone interested here. Different sentences than 10k but nearly 7K sentences which will take a while to go through. The Tofugu flavor is not for everyone but they are memorable and have alot more colloquial phrasing than most practice material which I like. They approved it for public use as well.

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Also not sure, will have to test haha, but if it says it’s over 100% you can probably assume that it imported correctly at that point and is a rounding error :laughing:

The creator of that deck is @hinekidori who converted most of their decks to Kitsun-syntax and shared them on the community centre (with tons of suggestions made by other users through the feedback system :smiley:) . The wanikani lookalike layout is a little bit difficult in regards to sharing due to copyright/IP issues, but you could use it for your personal decks.

Thanks, I couldn’t find a way to view all of @hinekidori 's decks. Is there a filter/search function somewhere that I missed?

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I’m confused. Layouts and color combinations qualify as IP?

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I don’t think they should. I had a question how do i remove all templates and layouts from my profile, I don’t see a delete option.

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There is currently no way to view an authors community decks, although now that you mention it, it might be a nice addition!

It does when using such a layout gives nearly the exact same experience as WK itself during lessons/reviews (although it’s probably a different story for sentences, rather than vocabulary/kanji). I’ve talked about it with WK before :slight_smile:

On the edit layouts page you can select a layout and a delete button will pop up. Note that you can not delete the default layouts as those are baked into the system for every user.

On the edit template page you will also find a delete button after selecting a template, but you must delete all associated layouts first.

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Viewing an authors community decks would be a nice feature to have :slight_smile:

Maybe a nice additional option would be that when you delete a deck the unused templates should be a different color so we know and can delete it or you just have a small symbol saying template not in use.

Meanwhile, how can I find @hinekidori decks?

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Japanese section of the community centre. Most of their decks are in the top in terms of popularity/users, so you could sort by that (amount of users) and search for his name :slight_smile:

So @Neicudi I have a few question. Not sure if they have already been answered but

  1. When I import a deck, how do I change the text box input on the practice card to hiragana/Kanji?
  2. How can I change the color display of the deck so I can make it public. I am sure this one benefits kitsun as a whole :). I am having a lot of trouble converting the template to a new one. It completely messes up the deck. (I can edit the old layout and apply but still can’t figure out the hiragana/kanji input text box)

Little late to the conversation but you could turn off all the vocab layouts in the 10k.

That would give you a sentence deck. If I am understanding you correctly.

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This depends on the type of import used. Did you import it into a deck (so choosing the templates/layouts) or did you use the automatic import that creates a deck for you (I’m assuming you mean the anki import).

If it is the “Wanki” template from Hine I think it uses a custom input element but that would not work in Kitsun. What you want is to remove the <input> element in the layout and add {{type-ja:fieldname}} instead. This will autoamtically create a hiragana input during reviews/lessons/in previews. fieldname should be the name of the template field that contains the answer (like “Vocabulary”, depends on the templates).

What do you mean exactly? Do you mean the background color? You’d have to look at the classname of the HTML element (probably a <div>) and adjust the background color in the associated css (styling).

Custom layouts kinda require a basic understanding of HTML/CSS. If it does not work as expected I’d recommend converting the cards to the default Japanese template or looking up HTML/CSS tutorials on the internet (there’s many! :smiley: ).

I see @hinekidori is also writing a reply, so perhaps they can help you with the finer details of the template/layouts.

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I am familiar with HTML/CSS ohh now i see that I will have to modify the template and reapply it so that the changes happen, I cannot directly edit in the deck.

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My layouts are available in the community center as well. So you could import a deck into them if you wanted

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Once you save a layout or template it will automatically update for every card (although you will have to refresh if you have another tab with a card already displayed) that’s using it, so you only have to hit the save button once :slight_smile:

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@hinekidori I tried to do that but the cards end up missing information or not displaying correctly, I am clearly missing something while importing. I have been trying for a bit, I think I have got it. Giving it one more try before i sleep.

@hinekidori managed to get the keyboard to go to japanese. but converting to your deck ends up messing up the card. I am having trouble mapping the correct fields.

I have a bunch of decks to import. will try again tomorrow. any tips would help :slight_smile:

Which deck are you trying to convert?