Search across multiple decks?

I have absolutely no idea if this is even possible within the search feature because each deck would have its own number of fields, and layouts, but the search feature searches across all fields anyway doesn’t it? So a feature to search all cards across decks for a matching string so that one can manually hibernate duplicates would be tremendously helpful!

Say I get a card come up in a new deck, instead of searching through 10’s of decks to see if I already have it, just having one place I can go to to see if there is a matching field on any of my present decks would greatly speed up my organization! And would help when encountering vocab in the wild too to quickly find a card to push to the front of the lesson queue.

Also, a way to separate decks on the homepage with headers would be nice.


I’m working on a “known words” system which would automatically hibernate words for you, or mark duplicates for you so you can decide to hibernate them or not.

I think this would mostly do what you are asking for. There used to be a “all cards” page before the redesign, but the page was really heavy resourcewise so I decided against it when I redesigned Kitsun. I hope the known words system will take away most of the need for it.

What do you mean with headers in this case?

Thanks for the suggestions! Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

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That sounds really awesome! Thanks :3

Just a better way to organise decks visually on the home page. Like being able to organise them by subject and have a seperate header for each.

Deck 1 Deck 2 Deck 3

Deck 4, Deck 5

Deck 6

They don’t really need any other functionality (like the Anki folders did) than that, just some way to organise huge lists of decks :slight_smile:

Ah! I guess you could use folders for that right now, but it would result in an extra click in order to see your decks.

Or did you mean the actual “home” dashboard rather than the decks page?

No, I meant the decks page :slight_smile:

I wasn’t aware you could make folders though! Perhaps that’s exactly what I’m looking for :slight_smile: (though the extra click may get annoying but it’s not awful :3)