Schedule Creator

I was wondering if it would be possible to have a feature where you could set decks on a schedule. For example, I’ve been wanting to do 10 lessons every day during weekdays, but I don’t do lessons on weekends. With the features we have now, the best I could do for this is to turn the deck off on the weekend (which will turn the reviews off), or I could just turn the deck to unlimited lessons. I like being able to only see the 10 lessons I do a day, but I don’t want them piling up over the weekend. So maybe there could be a way to set which days lessons appear on?


You can actually make it to 0 lessons instead. No need to do the unlimited or the vacation mode for it ^^

But tbh, I like this idea :slight_smile:

Might try that. Thanks!

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Another temporary option would be to unlock 50 lessons every Sunday (10 lessons for each weekday). You could do this with daily lessons set to 0.

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Huh… that’s an interesting idea. I think I like that better.

For now I second the idea to set your daily amount to 0 and unlock the lessons when needed.

I think something like a schedule creator would be cool to have but also relatively difficult to implement well. I will put it on the feature requests list on Trello and think about possible implementations :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion! :smile: