Same readings in review

Hi, I was doing this core10k deck. During reviews I’m not sure how to differentiate some of the words that have the exact same dictionary form. Like あく 空く and すく 空く. Seems getting either reading when both of them are there is fine, but I seem to mess up the meaning part since there’s no real indication to tell which it is. How am I supposed to tell the difference?


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I’ll tag some people who I think know the answer to this (as creator / active user of the 10k deck):

@jprspereira @hinekidori

I am also interested in how to improve some cards, maybe Hine can give some guidance.

One way would to propose a change to the card, adding a clue to the “Subtitle” or “Subtitle Recall” fields. They show up as small text boxes on the front side and should solve the problem. (But I’m not so sure on what layouts they show up exactly).

I also proposed an extension to the synonyms system, where you can list items that make the box shake (“different answer wanted”) instead of just counting it wrong. Ideally you could also share them and receive fixed items from others.

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This is the approach I’ve been going with for my published decks.

Regarding the suggestion:

I currently have a blacklist/hint type field on my todo list for cards.

I think that might be prefered over a personal blacklist as a blacklist card field will count for everyone, and can be changed through feedback as well.