S2K questions

Finally got around to trying out Subs2Kitsun, I’ve been looking forward to trying it out. Most of the tools have been intuitive but a couple issues came up for me:

  1. I don’t know how to control the length of the audio. I’ve tried using start/stop function. Generally, the subtitle length preview will capture the length of the audio however the card recording seems to default to only 1 or 2 seconds and can’t seem to change this…not sure what I’m doing wrong.

  2. Secondly, running S2K seems to be CPU heavy. When I load the video & subtitle files, it’s ok initially. However, eventually the page performance starts to freeze and my laptop heats up like crazy. Looking at the clocked performance, it seems more stress than running the video alone (streaming or local). Is there a recommended video bit rate? My file must be way too big. Admittedly I did not experiment with other bitrates yet, just know that 480p is way too small.

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Not sure if I understand correctly:

clicking on the card button inside the subtitle scroller records the audio of that subtitle line fine, but manually recording audio stops automatically?

S2K does a few things in the background next to playing and rendering the actual video (as a blob). It records an image every X ms of the video and renders it onto a canvas element in the background in order to accurately grab a screenshot for the card. The audio is split into a different media object and gets recorded and formed into a playable audio blob as well. And of course the subtitles are rendering and changing along with the video.

In conclusion, it does a lot of things in the background which might explain why the CPU load is high. I do have some ideas on optimizing the code (especially the screenshot grabbing) so hopefully that will cause it to be less stressful for the CPU as well.

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Thank you for the quick reply!

Ok, I ended up using the 480p while testing a few cards and it actually works ALOT better now and the quality is the same for my purpose. I think the audio problem and my laptop catching on fire was the same issue :fire::robot:. The CPU performance looked lighter too, as it should since the video file is ~90% smaller :slightly_smiling_face: So will convert from now on…will test more later.

One follow up question, my subtitles and video come in pretty un-inlined so I end up button smashing the -/+ until it comes together. I know you just changed to 200ms, just curious if there is another method I’m not aware of.


Ah glad it works better now. Are you using Handbrake to convert the files by any chance?

For the timing issue there is no other way than 200ms atm, but perhaps I should just let the user fill in the step size instead (with a default of 200).

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No, not using Handbrake. As a mac user, I…err, ‘convert’ given the favoritism to windows on a certain platform. Overall, the S2K process is very easy I have to say and I’m really impressed, looking very much forward to using this more!

This would be very helpful if possible :slightly_smiling_face:

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