Review is not decreased

it’s the second time this happened, it started today morning. I finish my lessons but the counter do not decreased neither I got any experience points.

I tried once more time, taking screenshots, while writing this, but now it worked… this happened twice maybe it’s a bug.
I had to log in again each time, I’m using Chrome on Android + icon as shortcut. Maybe it’s not working only when using the notification as CTA?

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Hmm that does sound like a bug… you should not be able to advance through your lessons if they arent being registered. Do you actually have to redo the same lessons or is it just the exp and counter that doesn’t visually update?

And a shot in the dark: Does the site load in the new or the old version (the one from before the redesign) when clicking on the shortcut?

I’ve heard from another user that they had to remove their shortcut in order to get the newest version (but that was on iOS)… Could you perhaps let me know if it happens again and whether it was from the shortcut or not?

Sorry about the inconvenience and thanks for reporting!