Rename "Community Centre" to something else

This is kind of a nitpick, but I keep clicking on “Community Centre” when I really want to click on “The Den”. I think I’m getting confused because when you get to the forums the tab is called “Kitsun Community” so naturally I click on “Community Centre” to get here.

IMHO you could rename “Community Centre” to “Shared Decks”, “Common Decks”, or something along these lines to make it clearer what it is.

And while I’m at it, you could also rename “The Den” to “Forum” or something more obvious.

Anyway, clicking on the wrong thing has already happened to me several times so I thought I’d point it out in case I’m not the only one :slight_smile:


I agree with renaming “Community Center”, but I like the fox theming of the den.

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I like the idea behind the “Community Centre” naming that we currently have, because it’s not just shared decks, but also shared templates/layouts.

I can understand why it might be confusing though, considering “Community” also makes you think of forums and such (Especially if coming from WK).

I’m open for suggestions however, so hit me with your best ideas :smiley:

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Yup, me too! The whole vision is for users to feel that there’s a community constantly developing and improving content. The community centre is where all of this teamwork and effort gathers, there being a centre based on the community.

I’d say that the best solution would be to change “” to “” for the sake of consistency, but I don’t feel like that’s a problem, probably because I’ve been in here since the forums were created :sweat_smile:


Wow there’s already a thread for this! I too have the same trouble, I keep clicking community centre expecting to come the forums (interacting with the community!) but instead I see all the published content. I honestly think you should just switch “The Den” around with “Community Centre” and it would make a lot more sense. Go to the den to search for shared content and the community centre for talking!

As someone whose job requires me to deal with a lot of end user confusion, I’m pretty passionate about UX, so please excuse my long winded reply. :sweat_smile:

I do think that sometimes a slightly inaccurate name (like Community Decks) is still better than an overly abstract one (like Community Centre). Doubly so in this case, since the Community Centre that most people already think of when they hear the term is a place to go and socialize within your local community.

You could still include things on the actual page to quickly call out that there are also templates and layouts available. A header that gives an expanded name like “Community Decks, Templates and Layouts” could work – perhaps even with a direct link to take you straight to that section, if it feels that important. You could even label the sidebar “Community Decks+” if the inaccuracy really gets to you.

But if 99% of the time, people go to the place looking for decks made by the community, I’d argue Community Decks is still the better name in practice.

If are set on the Community Centre name though, another idea could be to switch up your icons. The three dots for the Community Centre are juuuust close enough to “bubbles” to be associated with thought bubbles, which aren’t a far cry from speech bubbles, which also happen to be used for both The Den and for Knowledge Base. Worse still, the two speech bubbles for The Den have just enough overlap to make them a little difficult to make out as speech bubbles.

You could try switching the Knowledge Base to something without a speech bubbles at all, switch out The Den with something a little more clearly speech-bubbly, and pick something else entirely for Community Centre. Perhaps a third variation on the the Deck and Card Generation icons’ look, to give their overlapping primary purposes some visual overlap as well.

Anyway, this site rocks, and I’m super excited to have found it - I’ll be grateful it’s all here no matter what it’s called!

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I just came back to Kitsun from 2018 to start using the site. The first thing I keep clicking on to come to the forums is Community Center. I have to stop and say, “oh yea that’s not it.”

I can’t help but wonder why the place for decks is named what it is, I don’t interact with the community there. The place for the actual name, “The Den” is fun because of the name. However, even then it in no way says “The Community is over here! Come interact with us!”

“The Den” would make a lot of sense as a homepage. A fox lives in a den, but a whole community of foxes have their own dens. My decks would live in my Den. “Where do urban foxes live ? … Foxes dig out dens to provide a safe underground space that is mostly used for raising fox cubs, also called kits.” I am pretty much a Kit in my new language looking to put decks into my den and grow up!

I only commented because I saw this thread and agreed with the confusion, I can get used it, and in the long run I am fine with whatever. Just my newbie point of view for what it’s worth!

Thank you for all the hard work!

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Thanks both for the feedback! I think you both definitely have a point regarding the name being confusing. It stems from the shared decks being called “community decks” / decks shared with the community. At this point I’m a little hesistant to rename it though, due to it being referenced as the community centre everywhere (multiple forums, knowledge base, promotional posts etc) :laughing:

In any case I feel like much of Kitsun is up for a revamp by now again, once I get to that, I’ll keep the renaming in mind ^^

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