Recognition for Japanese Punctuation in the reader

So, this shouldn’t be high on your priority list or anything, but I think a nice-to-have feature would be for the reader to recognize Japanese punctuation when generating cards through it. At the moment, the example sentence it adds is the entire paragraph (see screenshot at bottom of post), while it would be nice to just have the relevant sentence, so I don’t have to hunt down the use of the word :stuck_out_tongue:

As I said, it would be a nice-to-have, as the way the reader currently works is already WAY nicer than anything else I’ve used ^^

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If I remember correctly, I made it work like this on purpose as there would often be very short sentences which would not work well as example sentences. In this case the opposite is true though :laughing:

I’ll see if I can come up with a certain check to see whether the sentence is long enough or not and then take either just the sentence or the whole paragraph based on that.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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