Quick study only a selection of layouts

Hi, sometimes I would like to “quick study” some cards, but only for certain layouts.
For example I would like to quick study only audio->meaning cards.

Is there currently a way to do so?
In “Manage Cards” I couldn’t find a way to filter layouts.



The only way I could see this working is by going to the deck settings and leaving the layout that you want to learn as the only one activated (from that template). I presume you’re talking about Core 10k deck, right?

Here’s how you can do it:

Don’t forget to turn the layouts back on after finishing the self-study session :slight_smile:

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While that works, I would suggest against it because it might cause some other issues related to your progress on the cards that got (partially) filtered out that way.

There is no way to select specific layouts for quick study, although I can see how that would be useful. I’ll put it on the requested features list :smiley:


Thank you both for your reply! Jprspereira solution was interesting, but I also had doubts about that interfering with reviews.

I’ll be looking forward for the implementation of this feature :slight_smile: I hope it will be useful to others too :slight_smile: