Quick review and lesson buttons

Currently, when doing the lessons and reviews that are queued up, one has to:

  1. Go to the deck list page view.
  2. Scroll to one of the decks and select it.
  3. Scroll past the statistics down to the action buttons.
  4. Click lessons, do the lessons.
  5. Click reviews, do the reviews.
  6. Press desks, and repeat 2-5 for all decks being studied.

Those are too many steps to access the lessons/reviews, it breaks the flow of studying and wastes time. I propose there is a button at the top of the decks list page that lets you do all lessons and reviews at once, without pauses in-between.



  1. Yep

  2. Yep! (You can drag your favorite decks to the top so you won’t have to scroll)

  3. You can click on the amount of lessons/reviews at the top to start as well

  4. & 5. This is on purpose. I want there to be a clear distinction between lessons and reviews. Having them together would be confusing in my opinion.

  5. Yep (discourse keeps formatting this as 5. Instead of 6. …)

There are plans to create a combined dashboard/reviews/lessons session eventually, so that would allow you to do everything at once.

However, since it might be a while until that gets implemented, I will consider adding shortcuts to the deck counters instead. So on the deck list page you would be able to skip the dashboard page by clicking on one of the counters :slight_smile:

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@Neicudi, what about clicking on the numbers on the deck’s image?

For example, I’m in “My decks” right now. Imagine if I wanted to start doing the 101 reviews on the Katakana deck. I could click on the number itself and it would directly take me to reviews. Same with lessons.

What do you think about it? I feel like usually people just click in the center of the images to open the decks, never in the extremities of it. It could work as a shortcut.


Thats what I meant ^^

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omg I skipped that paragragh

why did I do that


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Just letting you know that the shortcuts are there now. You can click the counters of the deck to go straight to the corresponding lesson or review screens :slight_smile:


Adds a feature 16 days after it being discussed: the power of the :fox_face: right here.

Thanks for the implementation.

However, it would be better if that if you chose to do a lesson/review by using the quick button, it returned you to the decks view instead of the deck statistics afterwards.