I read through the JPR’s guide, the knowledge base and some other forum posts and I still have questions.

  1. Is there a way to automatically hibernate duplicated words on different decks? Or to identify them.
  2. Also how to hibernate WK words? I know they are working on that function, but I was wondering if there was another way that can be done right now.
  3. How to change to default template color from dark to light. I noticed the layout settings but I don’t understand how to use it.
  4. Are price increases going to affect everyone currently paying their subscription? Or just new users/change in subscription plans?
  5. How do levels work?
  6. Not a question but I think it’s a bit slow when pressing double enter to submit an answer, sometimes it doesn’t register and I have to press enter again.

Thank you!

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I can only answer one question, eh?

You can activate the thunder, see that top right of my screenshot, to go directly to the next review so you don’t have to enter twice.

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I’m actively exploring options to automatically hibernate duplicates on different decks (and different templates). It’s something that’s been requested a lot and is high on the priority list right now.

Previously the website used to have a way to search through all cards, but I’ve removed that page with the redesign for now.

Some decks have WK tags on the cards, which allows you to search for that tag in the cards management table, select all the cards and then hibernate them through the actions dropdown.

For your own new cards you can specify whichever layouts you would want to use while creating them. So simply selecting the light version layout would be enough :slight_smile: For existing cards they are already bound to a specific layout (and color) and can only be changed if they are your own personal cards. This means that you can not change cards from community decks.

On a sidenote, I’m thinking about adding a way to customize colors for the default layouts in your user settings :slight_smile:

There are no price increases planned. Even if a price increase would ever happen (very unlikely), it would definitely only be for new accounts created after the increase. So no worries there! :smiley:

Each level has a set amount of experience that you need to get in order to advance to the next one. Each level requires a bit more experience than the previous one. Whenever you complete a card (so all the sibling cards such as JP -> ENG and ENG -> JP) review correctly you get 10 experience. You also get 10 experience per completed lesson :slight_smile:

Could it be that it happens only when you got it wrong? There is an intentional delay before it registers Enter again when you answer wrong.

Otherwise, Is this only during lessons by any chance? Reviews are synchronized to the server in the background so there should be no delay there. Lessons are synced right away after pressing enter.

Thanks for dropping by! Let me know if anything is unclear :slight_smile: