Questions about the "Add to The Front Of The Lessons Queue" feature

I can’t seem to find anything on this so I guess I’ll ask really quick. I added some stuff to the front of my lesson queue today, and they didn’t show up when I did lessons today. Is it because I already added stuff to the front of the lesson queue beforehand, and I need to wait for those to be finished? I don’t actually have a problem with that, it works fine for me, I’m just wondering if that’s the issue or if there’s something else wrong.

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Typically if I move something to the front of the queue it is the next thing to appear.

If I understand you correctly you have cards you have moved to the front that you haven’t started yet?
If this is correct then I think you may have to start those first.

@Neicudi - could probably confirm if this is true or not.


Okay, that’s a load off my shoulders.

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