PONS: Dictionary API in other languages!

Hey Neicudi,

I’ve finally found a good online dictionary that has a usable API, which could be used to extend the import from Jisho to 12 other languages (de,el,en,es,fr,it,pl,pt,ru,sl,tr,zh). Shotgun! German goes first!

I already tested sending a GET request to their endpoint and it works!
It returns all the info you’d need to create a card; native language, foreign language, word-gender, synonyms, and even a few example sentences.

It would be a super cool feature to have, for the non-日本語 students :slight_smile:

Heres the link -> PONS

Happy reviewing session!


I remember finding them in the past, but…

  • The POD-API is provided to you directly with a free quota of 1000 reference queries per month.

The standard license fee is 3,- Euros per 1000 requests. Other pricing models, such as flat fees, limited access to a subset of dictionaries only etc. are subject to negotiation.

And it’s not just the dictionary tool and would use this, but also the reader and subs2Kitsun I guess :confused:


Hey @talento!

Thanks for sharing :smile: I believe I’ve taken a look at this one before (due to someone else mentioning it before). They do seem to offer other pricing models when you contact them, so I’ll send them an email to see what they can offer :slightly_smiling_face: