<p> HTML tag in Meaning field

Problem: Answers next to <p> HTML tag in Meaning field are not being accepted as correct answers

Layout/Template: Custom but nothing wacky


As you can see, “about” is part of the possible meanings, but is marked incorrect because it’s next to the <p> tag in the card:

approximate time; around; about<p>suitable time (or condition)</p><p>time of year; season</p>

all the other answers next to the <p> tag have not been accepted. This isn’t card-specific, and if it’s [Answer 1]<p>[Answer 2], neither one will be accepted since they’re in the vicinity of the <p> tag, and I’d have to edit the card, take out <p> to be able to move on.

I like having the <p> tag to differentiate separate meanings, like how they’re formatted in Jisho.org.

Any ideas on how to work around this or if it’s something that shouldn’t be happening? I’d hate to have to make a separate hidden field for “accepted answers.”

Thank you!

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The input for answers can be used for many different subjects, so it does not automatically filter out things like <p> as that might actually be an answer in some subjects.

However, we do have a way to create that list without using <p> tags! You can use {{list:<fieldname>}} to create a bullet list (just like in your picture) that creates a new bullet based on commas to split the values (so , to be precise). This list can then be styled the way you’d want it to look like through the layout styling :slight_smile:

So all you’d have to do in this case is to remove the <p> tags and instead use commas to indicate the new lines, the ; should (not completely sure) still be used to determine which answers are correct :smiley:

Another option is to use {{tags:<fieldname>}} which essentially does the same but this time just splits the answer into <div class='tag'>valuehere</div> tags which you can then style accordingly.

Let me know if that helps! If not, we can figure out another solution perhaps :slight_smile:


Ooooh I will have to try that! I never knew. Thank you!!

Out of curiosity, are there any other tags or characters that are ignored/doesn’t affect the correct answer? I notice that parentheses are ignored.

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Just parentheses yeah! If it’s To close (the door), both To close and To close the door will be count as correct answers :slight_smile: