Overriding Incorrect Answers

Is there a way to change an incorrect answer to correct.

I’ve run into this a couple of times now where I will enter an answer, say for example (Two days/2nd day of the month) ふつか. Where I start typing my answer and going quickly (My Japanese keyboard) will put 2日 instead of 二日 and it marks it wrong.

I want to be able to mark this as correct in these scenarios. I haven’t found how to do that yet or if it is even possible. Any help would be appreciated.


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On the backside of the card you can click/tap on the “ignore” button to undo your submitted answer.

This then lets you input the answer again :slight_smile:

While on the backside, you can also (for community decks) click the pencil icon to input your own synonyms, so that next time ‘ 2日’ will get marked as correct too. Or you could quick edit / propose a change from the actions dropdown menu.

Ok, I clicked on ignore when it happened to see if there was an override button (on like a drop down) and it just took me to the next card.

When you click ignore does it immediately ask you to input the answer for that specific card again or does it get shuffled back in the deck and could possibly pop up later?

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I must have misremembered. When I clicked on ignore to test it out again. It functioned exactly as you said. Thanks for your help.

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Glad it worked out!