Option to split community decks

Hello! I think that this site is brilliant. Just wanted to put that out there first. For me, the hinekidori decks are what are keeping me using this site. Thank you hinekidori for your hard work over the years!

That being said, I think it would be super useful for a user to split decks into muliple parts.

For example, I’m using hinekidori’s Genki deck as I move through the textbook. I think it would be invaluable to split this deck into sections by chapter, so that I can learn a chapter at a time as I advance through the book.

At this current time I don’t think there is a method to do this efficiently?

I can achieve my desired effect by hibernating all cards that are not associated with my current chapter,… but this takes time (advanced search, search for cards by tag/chapter, hibernate). Can there be a more efficient way of doing this?

A stop-gap, easy feature to implement that would make life easier… could you add the option to “invert selection”, or something like that, under the advanced search? That way, users can search for the chapter they want, “invert the selection” and hibernate all cards that are not of interest?

Thanks, and keep up the great work.

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You should be able to hibernate the whole deck, enter a chapter tag filter and un-hibernate the lesson value you want. However I just checked out this deck and tag searches were not working for some reason.

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Hey @s1212z, thanks for the suggestion! Can’t believe I didn’t think about that… that’s a much easier way, and a good stop-gap solution.

The tag searches aren’t working for you on the Genki deck? I just checked, they are still working for me.


Glad it worked for you :slightly_smiling_face:…Noticed my tag filters are not working as expected so must be a setting.

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On the cards management page you can also hold shift while selecting a card to select everything above it as well (from either the last selected card or the very start if none were selected). Might be handy sometimes ^^

As for your suggestion, I totally get your point and it’s something I want to solve by adding deck levels eventually. Then you would be able to just study a specific level (or chapter in this case) :smile:

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That sounds like a bug :sweat_smile: Can you still reproduce the issue when you do a reload?

Seems to work only for one personal deck I have, otherwise I can’t seem to filter by tags (unless I’m completely missing something). I’ve since signed out and re-uploaded this deck. I just “wiped cache” too to check but no avail. I don’t use this feature to often so not sure how it’s been.

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What happens when you try a search then? Any chance you could provide a screenshot or something? :smile:

Here is the Genki deck in question, let’s see if I’m doing something wrong. Sorry no video today, hopefully this suffices:

Type search tag for “Lesson00”

After enter, 0 results:

Different deck (mine), type search tag “111”, list appears

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Could it be that the 111 you are searching for is also present on the card itself as a value?

I don’t remember it exactly anymore, but I think that it doesn’t search through tags for the general search. If you expand the advanced search options (button to the right) you should be able to search through the tags directly with a different input. Does that work for those other decks?

Thanks for the screenshots, that’s already super helpful!

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I think I know what’s happening, my searches are based on the values hidden within the audio file and not the tag (which have same value). I thought the tags were driving the general searches the whole time :sweat_smile:

I’ve never used the advanced search feature and now that I see how a well made community deck is meant to be used, pretty awesome tool! And the levels search is great too.

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