Notification for Feedback

As far as I understand, when people publish community decks they tend to use the community version. Partially for that reason, it’s easy for them to not notice suggestions/feedback made by the community for a set. The suggestions tab does pulsate when there are suggestions, but this is still a bit hard to notice, and I’m not 100% whether this happens on the community deck itself or not.

In order to fix this, it might be a good idea to send a notfication to the publisher when there are suggestions for a deck. A problem I see with this would be the user potentially getting spammed by notifications for particularly popular decks. In order to avoid this, instead of a phone/browser notification, there could be something that is clearly visible on the website outside of the deck itself. For example, there could be a number on the home page that notifies the user of “Unreviewed Suggestions”


I always used the original version xD Because there was never really a point in going to the community center to add an extra version of the deck. You studying on your own original deck won’t affect the users, because you can still have your own synonyms and notes.

Yep, it doesn’t happen on the community deck. That info goes to the original deck.

Before Neic implemented the pulsating thing, I was expecting some red notification in the feedback button to be there (it would have been more visible). However, I think the pulsating is fine. It’s not too invasive and one can notice if there are suggestions or not. On the other hand, I agree with you about having some sort of alert from outside the deck. I already have a couple of decks published in the community center but that I don’t use on a daily basis anymore, so I end up not checking if they have suggestions or not (only on a monthly basis or so).


Same? Though apparently it makes making suggestions and edits to the deck easier.

Yeah, that’s pretty much the main problem. Personally, I don’t think I’d check the base version ever unless I made my own suggestions or I was prompted to outside of its deck page.

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I may have sparked this…I had an overflowing suggestion box in feedback but it never caught my attention until I was personally alerted. To whom gave suggestions, I did not mean to ignore, sorry! :bowing_man:

It’s such a great feature to keep up the content quality. I’m actually on the base version, the pulsating feedback button was so unobtrusive that I never noticed.


Having a notification would definitely be nice. I have an idea of where to put it but it will require some additional backend and database changes for it to work well. The same goes for getting feedback on whether your suggestions were accepted (as the user providing the suggestion/feedback). The latter has been on my todo list for a long time now. I’ll try to move the priority up a bit :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh that reminds me, previously the decks (on the “decks” page) would have a small red circle to indicate feedback being available, perhaps this would be enough of a visual marker already? :slight_smile:


Nice to know! I think that would be a good idea. It might not solve the issue if people put their unused base version of the deck in a folder (like I do), but in order to fix that, you could take it one step further by also adding the red circle to the folder containing it whenever there are suggestions.


I’m really glad this feature is here now! However, a problem is that the notifications don’t appear when a deck is deactivated. This is a problem since I’m using the community version of my deck, and the base version is deactivated for obvious reasons.


Oh yeah, I’ll get that fixed! It doesn’t get any counts for inactive decks to improve the call speed, but I’ll make it get the feedbacks count regardless.


Have you considered also adding something for folders? Having all my community decks outside of folders can make things a bit chaotic, so it’s convenient to have them inside one. Being able to see the feedback there as well would be a plus.


Yep, but doing counts for folders in general is pretty heavy on the server (and quite difficult) due to the way the data is structured. I’m afraid it can’t be added at the moment :sweat:

P.s. New small update is live and includes the feedback counts for inactive folders :slight_smile:


Maybe an even better solution would be to have a general page for feedback, like being able to go to all decks with feedback through the feedback page in a deck.

Something like a box saying “All decks with feedback”, where one would click it and have a list of those with feedback. Then we would click and be sent to the feedback page of that deck.