No Kanji meaning only course

I tried to set it up myself by downloading the csv from this course.

And I got one of the “Know” | “Don’t know” Courses.

What I wanted is for me to be able to be queried for the meaning of a kanji by typing, that’d been really helpful from the very beginning.

Anyone know how to get this to work?, I’m sorry if this is a really noob question.
Thanks for the attention.

I’m not sure what you did, sounds like template selection issue. I tried uploading this Anki version and it works ok. Readings for this deck are not well built, no distinction between ony/kun at all it seems.

Not claiming ideal, but first attempt and worked fine for meaning recall for input. I used Anki import and Manual:

Just a small plug, I did post the Kanji Write Deck. If the copy feature gets enabled in a future update, I would post a meaning/reading version but not sure when that would be possible. But it has Kitsun’s dictionary build which is more thorough.

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I think I did something similar, although not exactly the same and it screwed me over.
I’ll add an index too, to the file later to see if it works a bit better with indexes.

I tried the same thing with the same file again, and I couldn’t exactly make it work; So… I might as well, use yours if I could have it ordered from most common to least common :'v

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Saw you message on the other thread, glad it worked out :slightly_smiling_face:

Just FYI in case you do use it, the deck I posted is just for writing practice. I could enable the reading/meaning layout but it would be better suited as a separate deck or would suggest using as either writing input or reading/mean (but not both due to the keyboard switches that would be painful). I kinda wanted a separate deck just for my own purposes so hope to get the copy deck feature. It is tagged by JLPT level if helpful.