New layout audio play with shortcut (r) is harder than before

Context: Chrome desktop, deck 10k optimized (5b5e34973274df3b9935235e)
After this new layout,I’m not able anymore to play the audio using ‘tab’+r+shift_tab to get the focus back on the input

Now I have to do shift_tab, first, to switch the focus back on something else and type ‘r’ to play the audio.
When pressing ‘tab’, now the focus goes from the input to the ‘lock icon’ on the browser.

I guess the best thing is to add another shortcut, let’s say, F4, or something that does not depends focus not being outside the text input.

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You can remap the hotkeys to any F-key on the settings page. These keys can be used while keeping focus on the input :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what caused the change as internally not much has changed for that particular page. I’ll check if theres anything that can be done to fix it.

Thanks for the report! :smile:

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I did that! just “shift” now and it’s working great!

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Glad to hear! :smiley:

Actually, it’s not working when the focus is in the text input, like in this here:

I tried with: just shift, F4 and now alt (left), none worked when the input is selected :frowning_face:

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Hmm, I just tried it myself and F2 works for me. Are you certain you saved after setting the hotkey, I forgot to do this myself the first time I tried :sweat_smile:

Edit: F4 also seems to work for me


I tested today with F2 and it works with the input in focus.

I will use this for now, but would be good if “lower keys” (like, shift, AltGr) could be used as well with the inputed focused, but I guess it’s necessary extra programming.

AltGr and shift do work, only not when the input is on focus.
I tested if is possoble to capture using this script on console: function aaa (e) { console.log('hey', e.keyCode, e.ctrlKey) } and $('#typeans').keydown(aaa)

hey 17 true # pressed ctrl left
hey 18 false # pressed alt left
hey 225 false # pressed AltGr
hey 17 true # pressed ctrl right, I guess there’s no way to detect which one was pressed, but okay!

For now I can make shift work by some scripting use greasemonkey I guess