New Genki Textbook Graded Readers

Saw a post on Reddit that the Japan Times (Genki Textbook series) will be releasing a new graded readers series. These will range from absolute beginners to lower intermediate level and will total around 46 books. The stories will match the different lessons in the first two (2) Genki textbooks. I think there will be two (2) books per chapter, but not 100% on that.

They are releasing in two (2) batches. The first twenty (24) books for Genki 1 will release in August 2022 and the books for Genki 2 in November 2022.

I have no idea on the price yet, but I’m planning to check them out. I know there are free graded readers out there, but there is not really a huge selection to choose from. I like the genki textbooks and I like the idea of them matching what you have learned and building upon it, so I’m planning to check them out (assuming they don’t cost an arm and a leg). Even then, I might just bite the bullet for everyone and buy them all.

Here is a link to the news: 「初級日本語よみもの げんき多読ブックス」発売決定! | Genki-Online

Just thought I would let people know in case anyone would be interested in something like this.


Thanks for sharing! :smiley:

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Looks cute, thanks for sharing! \o/

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