My German deck!

Special hello to my fellow german learners!

I have been working for weeks on my german deck with the help of my husband (native german speaker). I decided to get the Goethe Institute wordlists and compile them in one deck. I tried studying through the most frequent words lists before, but that didn’t help me read graded books since those lists start really too easy and it takes a long time for basic nouns to appear. Since I need to take a proficiency test at some point, I thought it would be the best decision to study words already based on their suggested level.

So I downloaded the “Goethe-Zertifikat Wortliste” for the levels A1/A2 and B1. Based on that I organized the nouns with their articles, added the verb conjugations to the verbs and edited sample sentences. Like I said, it has been weeks of work by both me and my husband (he inputted EVERY plural and verb conjugation manually, and he personally checked all the english meanings to make sure it made sense).

This deck is not perfect, I am sure there are still some mistakes here and there that we failed to see. So I thought I would share it with you guys and let more people study with this material, besides helping me to make it better!

You can find the deck in the community center by the very obvious name of “Goethe Institute Wordlist A1/A2/B1+” or on the link:

The way I chose to organize my studies was to have this “mother” deck with all the words I have to learn and make smaller decks with specific skills that need to be practiced. The first “child” or “support” deck, if you will, is the Verb Conjugations deck. I use this deck with the sole purpose of training 3rd person singular conjugations (since those are the ones that have most exceptions), but more specifically “Präsens”, “Präteritum”, and “Perfekt”. By perfecting those 3 tenses one can easily build all the other tenses in german.

All the verbs in the “Konjugationsmaster” deck were from the “mother” deck. So everytime I add a new verb to the main deck I also add it to the conjugations deck. I did share the conjugations deck to the community! Here it goes the link:

Soon I will also add a “Pluralmaster” deck, for me to input only the plurals from the nouns I learned in the main deck. But right now I haven’t advanced enough into the main deck for it! And my dream is to make an adjective declension deck one day, where I have to write exactly how the adjective has to be written based on the word afterwards.

Anyway, it is all work in progress! But I am happy to share it with you guys and get some feedback so we can all grow and learn together!!

p.s.: The reason why I didn’t add B2 words is simply because I couldn’t, for the life of me, find the Goethe Zertifikat B2 Wortliste. I found their complete list of words, but never a B2 or even C1 only list. If anyone has that pdf, or that list, let me know that I will add it to the deck as well. I am slowly adding more words from their complete list, but since I don’t know from which lvl their are from I always just add it to B1!


Happy to see more creators joining the effort and expanding Kitsun’s range of offering :grin:

My suggestion would be to actually add indexes to the cards. Maybe A1 words would have index 1, A2 would have index 2, etc.

Also, did you post 2 decks by mistake? I see 2 decks im the community center: one with 2100 cards and the other with 3400.


:heart: I am trying my best to contribute!

A1 and A2 were combined in one big “A2” wordlist by the Goethe Institute, so that is the way I left them. They all have the index number of 1, while all B1 words have the index of 3! Essential A2 verbs have an index of 0, so one can learn those verbs first and already start with the Verb conjugation deck, while essential B1 verbs have the index of 2! It is a very rough indexation, but It is working for me so far! And I always put to the front of list words that I learn on my daily lessons! (But that is just my personal use, it doesn’t affect the original index)

Oh!!! The deck with 2100 cards is the verb conjugation verb!! The images are similar (because I wanted it to be clear that one kind of depends on the other), but they are different decks!


This is great, thanks for sharing!


Danke dir !

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