Multi-Deck Reviews

First off, I love the improvements that have been made to Kitsun since I first used it! I originally never planned to subscribe once it became paid, but it’s turned into something truly amazing that I think will continue to prove to be worth the money I’ve spent on it.

My main use for Kitsun is to learn/reinforce vocab recognition for conversations, reading, and my next JLPT. This being the case, I’m currently doing daily lessons across a handful of different decks. This means when I go to do reviews, I have to do separate sessions for each deck even though they’re all for the same purpose: Japanese vocab. I have no idea how the backend of things works, but would it be possible to get a setting that allows us to do reviews for multiple decks at the same time?

I don’t know how many problems the different layouts etc. would cause, or if it’s even possible to write data to multiple decks from one review session, but this would be a really neat feature that would add to the review experience, at least for me. Thanks for all the hard work your team does on Kitsun! I can’t wait to see what it eventually becomes :grin:


Thanks a ton for the compliments! Very glad to hear you like Kitsun! And many thanks for deciding to get Lifetime! :smiley:

Regarding your feature request, I’m afraid that it’s currently very difficult to do this due to all the different deck settings that influence the review session. If there are multiple decks, the particular settings of that deck might clash with the settings of another deck, it would become pretty messy I think. That said, perhaps it’s possible to work around it somehow. This feature has been requested quite a lot (and with good reason!). I’ll put it back on the list to check again :slight_smile:

That said, I do have a feature on the priority list that asks you whether you want to continue with another deck after finishing a session. But that probably is not what you are looking for :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the quick reply!

Yea, I figured there may be some unseen structure that would make it difficult :sweat_smile:
Like I said, I don’t really know how it all works, but would it be possible somehow to tie the deck format to each individual card, rather than the review session itself, so that when a card comes up, it brings its formatting with it? I’m picturing a literal deck of cards, which I know isn’t actually what the code looks like at all, but that’s the image I had :joy: I appreciate you looking into it anyway :blush:

It isn’t, but it would solve one of the issues I’m looking to circumvent which is having to navigate through deck menus during what I would personally consider one review session (even if it involves multiple decks).

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