More Lesson Customization!

  • Set what time lessons come in.
  • Set the day intervals. Same idea but you get to set “20 lessons every other day” for instance.
  • Make leveled indexes Wanikani-style (you can only unlock the next level/index if you do X percentage of the previous one).

(one or all these things may be on the list in which case apologies for the spam)


Also, a good suggestion: community suggestions compilation thread. Just a convenient thread to see what suggestions have been made so that people can check it out and get an idea of what might be coming in the future, or what has already been considered.

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You guys can find those quoted above and much more suggestions in the following link:

Neic keeps it updated as he goes on working on Kitsun :slight_smile:

I personally am comfortable with the current system (lessons unlock at midnight GMT), but that’s because that’s my timezone for half the year. I think it would make users enjoy Kitsun much more if they could set their own timezone so that the daily streak and the lessons unlock work properly. I think it would make more sense for lessons to unlock at midnight, since it’s the start of a new day.

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The upcoming timezone setting should (sorta) fix that. I’m working on the website this week (instead of the apps) so I’ll try to fit the timezone setting in there if possible.

Nowadays it doesn’t matter anyone if you do your daily lessons or not as the lessons don’t stack anymore (e.g. it’s always 20). So I’m guessing the only difference would be the counter being 0 or (say) 20 on those off days.

This one has been on my todo list for a long time, it’s something I really want to implement as I think levels motivate people so much when it comes to studying.

I’ve switched from Trello to Clickup yesterday, and I really like it so far but I’m not sure yet what the best format is for showing the open issues/feature requests. It also seems that “Completed” items get hidden from the view in the public link, meaning you guys can’t see the progress of work other than lists getting more empty…

I’ll try to create a better overview somehow ^^


All these answers make sense and I’ve started doing every other day lessons on bunpro and kitsun and it’s working great. But would it be possible to have a study streak map like the one we have now but for lessons as well?
PS: Since we’re on the issue of stats, are you familiar with the beauty of the Wanikani heatmap script?