Mobile input is eating up "n" when typing it on a certain speed

Hi, I’ve started using kitsun and I like how clean the presentation is, I have only a minor annoyance:
I’ve started the 10k deck and it seems that when typing, for example, “san” if I type n just when sa became さ n gets deleted, it looks like a race condition is happening.

I can reproduce it almost consistently on my Note 8 with the standard Samsung keyboard, let me know if I can provide more info.
Thanks, Cristian.


Hey! Thanks for the compliment!

I’ll put it on the buglist and will check if I can get it to reproduce the behavior. I personally also use the samsung keyboard on a S9+, so the environment should be pretty similar.

I’ve yet to encounter this bug personally but perhaps I just type too slow :smile:

Thanks for reporting!