Mnemonics for learning vocabulary

Any plans to add community contributed mnemonics to decks to help remember vocabulary? Crazy idea… What if users of the decks could vote on which mnemonic was best, and star their favorite so they can recall it at a later time?


I think that would be a really nice feature, I’m just not sure how it could be displayed in a way that it would fit all (custom) layouts. Perhaps just having a small button/shortcut that opens a small overlay would be sufficient though ^^

I’ll note it down on the backlog for now, thanks for the suggestion! :smile:

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Yeah! An overlay, or a slideout? On mobile, could be activated by dragging in from the right edge, for example.

You have any plans to make native apps, or are you sticking to PWA for now?

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That’d be good yeah :slight_smile:

I definitely have plans to create (offline) native apps as companions to the website in the near future yeah! I’ve worked on a few prototypes before but had to give priority to other aspects at that time. I’m currently working through my roadmap with native apps in there as well. So sooner or later! :smile: