Mix deck of kana and kanji words

I am making my own deck, made of kanji based words, and sometimes kana only words.
When I am reviewing it, it is a bit useless that it asks me for the readings of kana only words.
Is there a way for making me answer readings, only for kanji based words ?

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You mean you have one template for both, and two or more layouts (like “kanji string” -> reading, “kanji string” -> English), and want to remove the “kanji string” -> reading questions for kana only?

In that case, in “Manage Cards” you could select the kana-only words, and with Actions > Set Layouts choose only “kanji string” -> English for example.

The layouts are the questions you are asked, so you can deactivate them.

A more general way would be to make a separate template for kanji words and kana words, each with their own layouts.



Just like @acm2010 mentioned above, you can edit the cards and remove the layout that is causing it to show a reading card during lessons/reviews.

In general a card is made up of one template and one or more layouts. Each layout results in a card to review during lessons/reviews. We call these extra cards “Sibling Cards”.

In case you have been generating cards through the dictionary feature (which I guess you’ve been doing? :smiley:) , you might want to set up a custom flow for kana-only vocabulary.

So instead of clicking on “Default Flashcard” you choose “Custom Flashcard” after which you can select the deck, template and layout(s). Here you only have to select the default kitsun vocabulary template, and select only the Japanese -> English layout.

Once you’ve done this, your browser will remember it for the next time. So it’s basically a one-time setup that you have to create :slight_smile:

I know it might sound a bit confusing when you read it, but the actual process is fairly straight forward, just try it out sometime ^^

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Thanks a lot !!
Is there a way to batch process all the kana only cards that are already in my deck ? :slight_smile:

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You need a way to identify the kana-only words. I don’t have much experience with the auto-created cards, maybe there are tags for kana-only to select with?

Another idea would be regex search, but I don’t know if you can do that online. I remember darkly that here was a way to download the deck, modify it, and upload it again.

Maybe someone else has an easier idea.

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How many cards are we talking about? Because if they’re not in the thousands, it can be fairly quick to use the manage table, select kana words one by one -> Actions -> Set Layouts :slight_smile:


@jprspereira is correct, using the cards management table you can select the kana-only words and then use the actions dropdown to “Set Layouts” for all those cards. You just need to select the layout you wish to use (Japanese -> English) :slight_smile:

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So simple indeed !

Thanks a lot !