Minor problems with website and app

Hello! Ive been using kitsun on my mobile, via both chrome and safari browsers. I really enjoy it- finally i can learn japanese vocabulary! But two things was really annoying me. First is that after 5-10 mins of using, the speed is really decreasing, and every time i push submit answer button, it takes about a second to go to another card and so on. Also i occasionally tap some dictionary button that is directly above sumbit answer button, and that way the website just freeze and i need to restart browser.

Today i tried beta app. It looks so good, the speed problem is still there- after 5-10 mins app start to slow down a bit, but far better then website! Another thing is you can see at screenshot i attached. Somehow i have card info partially covered by controls…

Im using iphone 11pro

Big thank you for the app!

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Hi @henrywind!

I’m not sure what might be causing the speed issue for you to be honest. The code on both app (it opens a special part of the website for reviews and lessons) and web are the same regardless of how long you’ve been doing reviews, so I’m really unsure as to why it is slowing down for you.

I also have an iPhone 11 Pro so I’ll try to run a few tests to see if I can reproduce the issue, but so far I hadn’t noticed a slowdown personally speaking.

I know you mentioned browser, but is it possible that this is only on the mobile app specifically? It is supposed to open a browser tab on top of the app. I just tested it with my iPhone and it seems to work for me there. I also just checked the mobile version of the website and can’t seem to reproduce it there either. Is your device perhaps very low on available space (which could maybe also explain the other issue?) ?

Apple sadly dictates that when an input gets focused, it should always scroll the page down so that the input is in the middle, causing the top of the question to get hidden. Workarounds made by developers usually stop working as soon as Apple catches on so it’s kind of like a cat and mouse game to keep it from doing that…

I do have plans to change the scaling of the webpage for iOS on the mobile apps though, which might also help a bit with this problem! I’ll let you know if once it’s available :smiley:

Thanks for reporting the issues! I hope we can get to the bottom of this and get it all fixed asap! :smiley:

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