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Hey there,

Maybe someone can help me. Mostly facing the issue that if I access a decks card summary aka “manage card” page on my laptop I have trouble navigating/ searching through the deck. Arrow keys wont enable me to scroll through the deck. Dragging wont enable me to scroll through the deck either.

Can I somehow enable that? Or can I hide columns in the overview or make them super small like eg. on an excel or google sheet table? Its super hard to search for/navigate through my deck this way if I dont “ctrl + minus” to liike 30% page size so that I have the scroll down bar on the right side in sight. If neither of my aforementioned methods work, adding a scroll bar on the left side as well would already help a bit. There is so many redundant info I dont need when scrolling through a deck. Has been my only real issue during trying out Kitsun but sadly one thats really frustrating.

Thanks in advance for any helpers :slight_smile:

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Judging from your post I assume you are using a desktop or laptop?

In that case you can use either the scroll wheel or two fingers for the scroll gesture if on a laptop.

The “physical” scrollbar is sadly hidden at the edge of the table on the right side due to the way the cards table component is rendered. To see it you either need to scroll all the way to the right or like you mentioned zoom out. With some templates that have a lot of fields it definitely is less than optimal.

Note that you can scroll horizontally by dragging the table though, so that might alleviate the pain a little bit.

Ye, mostly on a laptop right now. The scroll gesture thingie already helps a bit, honestly didnt know about it despite using laptops for years :smiley:

Still: Any plans or possibility to hide certain columns while in the manage card tab (you could make it a deck-individual option where you can click checkboxes for which columns to show and which not to) in the future? if I could hide the sentences/Audio etc. or make the columns really thin like in google sheets when i dont need a specific info that would make going through bigger lists/searching/comparing for certain info noticably easier.

Anyways, thanks for you help already :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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