Manage cards does not show the notes I added during learning


I recently started using this website and just started the JLPT N5 premade deck.

Whenever I do the learning, in the notes section I add some mnomics to help me remember the meaning/kanji/reading. But I’m having an issue when trying to modify the cards after having learnt them.

Basically, if I go to the manage cards section I can’t see any of the notes I added. Only when doing a review I can.

Is there any way of checking from each card that I have learnt, which are the notes I added, or I can only see that during the review?



Hey @lpares12!

Welcome to Kitsun!

Currently personal synonyms and notes can only be viewed during lesson and review sessions. Before it was not possible to show them at the edit card popup due to technical limitations, but nowadays that should be possible to add!

I’ve added the task to my priority features list so hope to implement it soon :slight_smile: