Making my own deck!

Hey everybody!

I am super new here! I came looking for something similar to WK for other languages. I don’t intend on using Kitsun for Japanese just yet. I would like to focus on my german vocabulary first!

For that, I am making my own big deck. It is a bit of a Frankenstein/compilation from different word lists.
I am combining Goethe’s A1/A2 list + Goethe’s B1 list + verbs with prepositions + most common 5000 german words. (I have been cleaning and organizing this list for the past 2 days with the help of a native German speaker)

My question is, I would like for words of those different lists to appear in lessons in order (the order of the words itself doesn’t matter, I just want each list to come in order). So every word from the A1/A2 list received an index number of “1”, every word in the B1 list received an index number of “2”, all verbs with prepositions received “3”, and the words from the last list received “4”. Would that work like this? Or should I really put index numbers from 1 to 5000?


1-2-3-4 for each respective deck would work just fine (I think). You can also just hibernate all words in the latter 3 decks (so they won’t be in the queue and won’t count for the percentage of deck done) so you can see how far along you are in A1/A2 and then turn B1 on once you’ve done all your A1/A2 lessons and so on.


Hi @oncejess, glad to see you here :slight_smile:

One thing that I’d like to add is that smaller decks can be more motivating to go through because you get to see the % going up faster and instead of having 1 big goal, you’ll have 4 smaller and more accessible ones. If you want just 1 big deck though, that’s completely fine ^^


Hey @jprspereira!! Thank you for introducing me to Kitsun! :heart:

Maybe separating them could be a good idea… I haven’t thought about it. I was focused on getting all the material I need to study for the next few months to just have it all ready that I didn’t’ think that having them separate could be very motivational.

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I think there are benefits to both ways. One large central set can be very convenient, but smaller sets definitely feel less intimidating and you see yourself grow faster. :thinking: Anyway, nice to see you here!

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