Lightning mode hotkey + Quick study mode suggestions


2 weeks ago I had posted my suggestions on Discord: Feedback, but I’m not sure it got read haha
I had some ideas after doing 2 weeks of leech focusing on Kitsun and WK because it was getting out of control.

Lightning mode suggestion:

Quite often, I enable it only when I’m really 100% sure that I know the answer or possible answers. When I know there are some synonyms, or if I’m not sure what to answer, I disable it so that I can see all the possible answers. An hotkey would be really useful for that use.


Quick study/leeches suggestions:

  • When I was focusing on my leeches on WK (Self study quiz extension) and Kitsun, I thought that it would be really nice to be able to review the failed elements again and again.
    Example: A stack of 50 leeches. If I get 15 wrong answers, the extension would ask me again, but only these 15 questions, then if I get wrong 5 of these 15, I get only the 5 last wrong questions, etc etc… until I can get to 0.

  • (Another suggestion on top of that same suggestion)
    Sometimes some leeches are easy to fix, but some can need more time.
    That’s why even in my example case, for the last 5 wrong answers, when I finish them and get 0, before closing the window, I can still press the “restart” button to restart ONLY that annoying stack of 5 few more times. That really helped me with some annoying kanjis and I’m planning to use that more often.


And a third suggestion for the quick study mode/leeches, as I’m not really sure what makes a card considered as a leech here on Kitsun :

  • I think it would be nice to have some leeches training coefficient setting. That would be really interesting to have something a bit similar to the WK extension as it’s very nice to be able to customize that value on top of the following settings:

Only include leeches. Formula: incorrect / currentStreak^1.5.

  • The higher the value, the fewer items will be included as leeches.
  • Setting the value to 1 will include items that have just been answered incorrectly for the first time.
  • Setting the value to 1.01 will exclude items that have just been answered incorrectly for the first time.


Feel free to ask me if anything was unclear as it’s a bit hard to explain. :sweat_smile:
That would be really so useful to annihilate the leeches :smiley:


Hi :smiley:

I wouldn’t mind adding a hotkey but I consider it a QoL addition, so other features would definitely take priority first for now. In the mean time you could create a small userscript if you are familiar with basic javascript, the script itself would be really easy to add (bind keyevent -> trigger click event on the icon with jQuery), if not, perhaps someone else would like to create one of the first kitsun userscripts :laughing:

I think the quick study mode requires you to complete the reviews by answering correctly at the moment? If you answer incorrectly it should ask you again until you answer it correctly. You can specify how many times you want to study the items before starting the session. But perhaps I misunderstand ^^

Sounds useful! Although I do worry that if you only have 3 failed items or something it would be a bit redundant (you’d get the same reviews in a row). But that’d be up for the user to decide I guess! :smiley:

Right now the “formula” for the leeches is the following:
SRSLevel lower than 6
Wrong count greater than 4

This way if you get a high enough streak the item would move above SRS level 6 automatically, but if you fail it again it would pop back below level 6 and be considered a leech again.

The formula you mentioned would be a bit smarter, but sadly I don’t have individual review data/streak data for cards, making it difficult to achieve that sort of thing (WK has complete review history for their individual items iirc). I do think it’d be nice to have though, so I’ll give it some more thought about how we can improve this.

Thanks for all the suggestions and sorry for forgetting to reply on Discord!


I totally forgot that it would be possible with an userscript, I’ll do that :smiley:

Sorry, I should have made a GIF, it’s a bit long ~30s but it will be better to explain :sweat_smile: I meant something working a similar way to this:


When that happen, I still like to practice the 3 items :smiley: It doesn’t take long and still help, at least in my case ^^

Oh ok, if it’s based on 4 wrong answers and that SRS level, this is also fine and it makes sense. The custom coefficient is probably a bit too time consuming to make if you don’t have the data for each cards.
Just to make sure, let’s say that someone has 50 leeches on a deck with srs < 6 and wrong > 4, all of these cards would be displayed in that leech section ,and available to practice? I’m asking that to know if there’s a limitation like “display only the 10 worst cards” or something like that.

(As in that case, I would like to practice all of these cards, and not only the 10 worst).
Fortunately, I don’t have that much leeches on one deck to know if there’s a limit. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

So in this case you’d only get quizzed once per leech and whichever you fail gets reported at the end and can be requizzed again? (rather than doing X amount per leech)

It currently takes the top 10 in terms of failed percentage yeah. Did you build up 50+ so far? (nvm read it again haha) I usually find that I build up a few leeches and eventually get through them before the number goes out of hand. It does very much depend on the study load I guess.

I could add a button that loads all your leeches on the dashboard (instead of top 10) as I’d rather not include it by default on the dashboard (slower query otherwise).

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Yes exactly! And, you can restart the quiz as many times as you want, on the requizzed wrong elements/or the whole thing if you want to do it again from the beginning.

Oh. If it displays the 10 worst elements, then that’s what I have on the 10K deck, so I probably have more than 10 leeches :confused: The good thing is that I don’t think it’s more than 20 :sweat_smile:

A button to load all the leeches would be very useful, I’d like it :slight_smile:

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I think it’s a nice idea. Would this be preferred over the current way of doing quick study? Would love to hear some additional voices about this if anyone else is reading this thread :slight_smile:

Gotcha :slight_smile: I’ll add it to the list.

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Personally, I would prefer this over the current way as it gives some extra time for the wrong answers which are the hardest leeches to fix :smiley:

That would be even more efficient especially when we will have the button to load all the leeches as it will be on bigger batches! (On 10 it would still help but obviously less than on a 30-40 leeches batch). Thanks for adding it to the list :slight_smile:

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Omg yesyesyes I love the way that self-study quiz script work so much. I requiz the wrong answers (and wrong answers of wrongs answers) until I get 100%, and then I go for round 2 and sometimes 3. It’s so much better for me, I think it helps to get kinda okay-ish leeches out of the way, and then focusing 2, 3 more times on the really bad ones.


Yes and no. Yes, I think you should be able to re-quiz with only wrong answers over and over until you get it right, but getting it right once may not be enough since these are leeches. I would prefer the suggested implementation over the current one, but even better, I think, would be the ability to say “get every leech right X times”. So during the session, all cards are presented X times no matter whether you get them right or wrong. And anything that you didn’t get right X times is part of your “wrong answers” available for requiz. That way, anyone who just wants it to function as the suggested implementation can set X to 1.

But the suggested implementation may be better for simplicity of UI/UX.