How does the leveling of Kitsun work anyway? I was finishing a review session with 10k (with sibling delay), and the percentage was increasing to 84%, after the next session on a different deck it was below 80% again.

It’s also annoying to do like 1000 reviews and you get a 5% increase only, just add levels to 999 and make the increase for each level faster :slight_smile:


You get experience when you complete a review. Meaning that you only get experience when you’ve completed all layouts for that specific card.

The percentage being off sounds like it could be either of the following bugs:

  • You got exp for items which weren’t actually completed (due to sibling delay), but I believe I fixed this one before
  • The < 80% you saw on your next session was the unupdated percentage that was stored on the clientside from before you started any review session.

I think it might be the second one. Could you refresh the page and check the results page (go into lessons/reviews and click on results right away) again? I’m curious what the actual percentage is.

The levels require more exp the higher you get. This was done on purpose as it isn’t weird to get 200+ reviews a day in later SRS stages as they all come back to haunt you.

When I calculated the levels I mostly based it on @jprspereira’s reviews over the period of a year. I believe he had around 8000 cards done in various srs stages by then. I didn’t want to make it too easy to gain levels, and I also don’t feel like adding 999 levels due to the levels becoming extremely meaningless at that point.

I do agree that it’s too hardcore right now and will think about smoothening it out a bit more. There are currently only 20 users level 20 or higher, so it definitely needs some finetuning :laughing:

While we’re on this topic, I still want to introduce levels for specific decks (if the author enables it), so that you can say “I’m level 10 on the 10k deck” or something. Just not sure how to display that in the forums :slight_smile:


I did a hard reload, it was 78%, with a few reviews to turned into 79%. I’m pretty sure it was 84% after doing like 250 reviews on 10k. I can do a bunch of reviews now and see what happens.

There were also several instances some time ago where the bar reached 100% and I was like “finally!”, and on the home screen it was not yet a new level.

Hard reload:

It’s definitely stealing my experience :slight_smile:

Your estimation should be based on normal humans :wink:

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I can imagine. That screen is about the 10k deck right? With delay siblings on?

Looks like it still visually gives experience for incomplete reviews then.

I’ve been thinking about giving exp per layout reviewed as well. Then you would actually feel progression after doing reviews with the delay setting on. (Exp per layout vs exp per completed card).

I’ll see if I can finetune the system after I get the reading tool beta out (Hopefully this weekend) :smiley:


Per layout experience would be great, I already have a too big review pile at the moment, and the number just doesn’t shrink for 4 days in 10k with sibling delay.

Many finished reviews will not show up again for a month so the reviews are no big deal, but the sense of progress could be better.

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