Level Up - Add tails to you Kitsune


So because the site is called “Kitsune” I assumed that as you gained points and levelled up your Kitsune icon would have more tails. Like the mythical kitsune - the wiser it is, the more tails it has.

Did I see this or read this idea somewhere on the site?

Anyway, it would be really amazing if you could level up your Kitsune icon, with the 9-tail Kitsune being the rarest and most difficult to achieve. The Kitsune icon is cute, and it would definitely make me eager to study more.

What do you think?



From a graphics perspective, I wonder if the icon wouldn’t get too busy.

Also, in your idea, does Naruto also show up and throw a Rasengan at you everytime you screw up? :eyes:

I guess it would have to be something like one tail per ten Kitsun levels or something :thinking:
Though the website is already very pretty as it is.


We actually recently created some artwork with the idea of “leveling up” a fox in mind! Going from a regular fox to a mythical fox and such :smile:

However, the art project is currently in the freezer until later due to some external circumstances, just wanted to let you know that we definitely planned something like this as well :smile: