Layout help - Change color of either meaning or reading Vocabulary layout


Since I am used to wanikani, I am accustomed to have slightly different templates for reading and meaning of vocabulary. I find it very usefull. I thought it would be nice to have something similar here. I played with the custom layout but sadly I am no expert.

May I ask if there is an easy way to obtain that?
It could just be the answer field with colors swapped, for example…

Thank you for you time, and help ^^

If helpful, the default templates do it already with color designation. Of course customizing to your liking would take some modifying but honestly the default is pretty easy to follow after a small period to get used to.

The answer above is really good, I thought I’d include the simple HTML to change the colour of your paragraph [or other, if extrapolated] text:
<p style="color:red;">
For example, will make the text red. I changed the colours of the boxes to match my personal preferences and then also changed the text color to match the box colour because that makes it easier for me to see. I dunno if anyone else is kind of absentminded with their flashcards like I am, but if so, having the text colour match is useful. You only have to set this up the once for each card side (and I only make it the text above the input box) so it’s pretty simple!


Thank you for your asnwers ^^
Although I am slowly getting used to the standard layout, I will enjoy playing a bit around with some other settings!