Known Words in the Reader

I was thinking (perhaps I just missed it somehow) that it would be really useful if some combination of words that are or are not known were highlighted in the reader. I think that if this was toggleable in a similar way to how the N-level highlighting works, that would be great.

I think it not only helps to get a clearer picture of a text beforehand, but it also helps when you are reading a word normally written in kana or kanji and it is being presented in the other way, or if a word has multiple possible kanji and this is a new version. Then, the user would be able to make better decisions about whether or not to make cards, as well as things like trying to figure out a word from context knowing they should know the word.
(Of course, that particular use case would depend on how they have saved the words, which is really up to the user at this point as we don’t have a ‘synonyms’ feature in Known Words.)

Hopefully this all makes sense and is a well formed request, haha.
Hope you’re having a good January!


I definitely think this would be a good addition! It would also be nice to hide the furigana if you already know the word :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: