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The ‘known’ system is really powerful feature here, the utility to have a central base for all studies vocab words is phenomenal. However the system with kanji and it’s connection to vocab words, I feel it is underutilized and also to have Kitsun as a home-base to track known kanji could be just as useful. It would be great if ‘known’ kanji would be recognized in the vocab library. I see the ‘known’ system sort of connects but it is not very robust.

For example: if I have 建 kanji marked as known, then vocab connected to this kanji could have variation degrees of indication both on deck manager in dictionary card creation:

建てる (green light) - I should be able to study this vocab with kana ending
建築 - maybe I don’t know 築 and marked as ‘unknown’, so gets a ‘yellow light’ as partially known kanji (recognizing I need to study 築) but maybe I know 材 so I have green light to study 建材 to add

I’m just throwing it out there…I don’t know about green/yellow indicators as ideal either, just first thought I had as a way to describe what I mean. Of course I have no consideration on the technicals involved regarding what is feasible either. Perhaps this is already on the ClickUp notes too, I haven’t checked in a while.

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I think this would be a great addition and could be very helpful to learners. One of the pain points with the known word system right now is that there is no distinction between known Kanji and known Vocab. So learning either will mark the other as known.

The past few months we’ve been hard at work on something new and exciting, and this new thing will also let us expand upon the dictionary tool (for Japanese) in Kitsun. This would decouple us from, something I’ve been meaning to do for a while as I’d prefer not to increase the load to their servers as Kitsun keeps growing, and their returned API data is a bit limited. Some of the benefits it will bring are faster searches and more rich/interlinked results (e.g. having links to related vocabulary etc).

When that time comes, we will definitely also take a look at implementing these kind of degrees of knowing words and possibly suggesting new vocabulary cards based on what you already know or what you’ve just added (say you add a kanji → suggest to add two/three vocab cards that use that kanji).

I hope to tease something about the new thing very soon while we get everything ready :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestion!


Oh, sounds exciting…more to come then :laughing:

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