Kitsun on iPad doesn’t automatically select input field

As the title says, I’m using an iPad with a keyboard and whenever I go to study I have to manually click the input field to start typing a reading or definition. On my PC this field is automatically selected so I think this is a bug. I’m not sure if its a limitation of iOS to automatically select the field but Wanikani works on iPad just like the desktop such that I don’t have to manually tap the input every card.

In principle it’s a security feature for mobile, web pages can’t direct automatically which field you are entering in (for example to trick you to enter your password into a manipulated form). That’s why you have to do something to get to the keyboard.

But maybe there is some trick WK is using that Kitsun can copy? Or are you using a WK app on iPad? Apps have other ways to make the keyboard appear.

What @acm2010 said is true. iOS does its best to prevent this from happening, so any solution for this problem is a temporary workaround/hack. I thought the current method was working for some iphone users though…

I’ll take a look as soon as I get a iOS device for testing :slight_smile: