Kitsun in 2022 and beyond

2021 was a wild ride, for both Kitsun and myself. The team expanded from just myself to a nice bunch of very friendly people. All of whom have varying fields of expertise (and varying degrees of engagement). It was also the year my dream of working on Kitsun full-time became a reality. For that I am immensely grateful to everyone who has supported Kitsun in the past few years! :heart:

Of course, we did not sit still in the past year either. We launched the mobile apps, took our first tries at creating “official” Kitsun decks, added the known words system and new themes and generally updated the interface and improved the user experience through design overhauls, many small features and bugfixes.

For Kitsun, 2022 will mostly be focused on improving usability even more, adding mass-generation and mass-editing tools, supporting more languages in our card generation tools (dictionary/reader) and of course further refinement of existing features and tools. We will also fully release and improve the mobile apps as they are currently still in open betas on their corresponding app stores.

In short, this means it will be even easier for you to generate and edit cards, while also having a more enjoyable experience. After all, our primary focus has always been to make interaction with the system as simple as possible (while still having advanced settings) so you can focus on learning your target subject rather than fiddle around with settings and such :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Aside from this we are also working on something completely new, which serves a different purpose from what Kitsun is built for, but more on that later!

Thanks again for all the support and keep on studying! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


For the proposed mass-editing tool you have been working on, would it be able to operate much like an Excel spreadsheet where existing card values could be inserted into the expression? If not forthcoming are you able to do mass edits?

Since WK opened their content without a subscription, I though it would be great to attach their hyperlink to the value of the card, something like below into a value slot for the Kanji Writing deck. It’s something you could add on the WK Reversed deck as well if users found it helpful.

<p><a href="猫" target="_blank">WaniKani Link</a></p>

Yeah! The cards management page would turn into a big spreedsheet with excel/google sheets functionality for your cards. Including things like regex searches and replacements to make it very easy to edit card data quickly.

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