Kitsun has officially launched!

Kitsun has officially launched!

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally here! Kitsun has officially launched today.

I would like to give a very heartfelt thank you to everyone who has helped testing, gave feedback or suggestions. Thanks to you all Kitsun has grown tremendously as a tool. It went from “just another SRS tool” to something that stands out from the others. I can promise you that Kitsun will only continue to improve!

Here's a look back on the major features Kitsun gained this past year
  • Dark Themes
  • New Default Layouts / Templates
  • Deck/Card Feedback system
  • Deck Exports & Reimports
  • Reviews syncing in the background
  • Instant dictionary flashcards
  • Custom dictionary flashcards
  • Instant Kanji Flashcards
  • Leeches overview
  • Multiple Choice Support
  • Quickstudy Tool
  • Review Reorder Tool
  • Subs2Kitsun (Cards from video & subtitles)
  • A Complete Redesign
  • Cards Management Table
  • User levels
  • Study Streaks & Stats
  • Combined Home Dashboard

Along with hundreds of minor features and bugfixes :smiley:

With that in mind, I can’t wait to see how Kitsun and its community will continue to evolve over the coming years. I feel more motivated than ever to work on some very special features that have previously been held back due to financial reasons.

So what will be coming in the following ~6 months?

  • Audio generation for your cards (Coming in the next few days!)
  • Assisted Reading Tool for Japanese (Secret feature I’ve been working on, can’t wait to share some more details very soon!)
  • Detailed Learning Statistics Page
  • Kitsun-Exclusive Decks and Content
  • Chinese & Korean Dictionary Integration (and card generation)
  • Auto Hibernation for duplicates/WK API integration
  • Korean/Russian inputs for cards
  • Kitsun Browser Extension
  • Mobile apps with offline support (this might extend into the second half year)
  • Landing Page Redesign
  • Knowledge Base Update and Redesign

Once again, thank you so much to everyone who has contributed and especially the ones that - or are planning to - support Kitsun now that it has launched.


Congratulations on the launch! :smiley:

What’s the priority on the future features that you listed? Do you have an order to follow with releases feature-wise?


Thank you :smile:

The order is mostly as it stands above, aside from the Landing Page Redesign and Knowledge Base Update and Redesign as I think those are very important in general and would like to do those earlier.


Congrats! I really dislike Anki, so I’m hoping is for me. I’m a big WaniKani fan and I like the more WK-esque vibe over here.


just wanted to say this site has been invaluable for me learning Genki vocab, much easier than Anki. Great to see the site go official and a way for us to give back to the creator.


Thanks both! Great to have you around!

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Hey, congrats on the launch! I know I joined the party late but I’m excited none the less. I plan to keep using Kitsun for a long time.