Kistun 10k Deck. Why bro?

Why does this deck not have furinga? makes me bum hard as I don’t know most of the kanjis yet, really demoralizing and I don’t get anywhere.

I believe the deck has furigana on mouse hover / tap of word or sentence on mobile actually.

Edit: Just checked and perhaps I’m confusing it with the genki deck or it was removed? @hinekidori can probably shine a light on the situation :slight_smile:

I can understand not adding furigana because it might spoil the reading layout answer though?

Edit 2: The Genki deck does have it yeah

You can also push the words with kanji you already know, or pushing all kana only words :smile:
@jprspereira showed here how to search for WK level kanji (L1, L2, etc. tags) -


Yep, no furigana in the 10k deck, only in the Genki deck.

It does make it tough, and I do sometimes get frustrated with it, but in the end it will pay off!

Now that I’m almost finished the Genki deck, I’m kind of wishing I’d learned it all without furigana… Feels like I’ll just have to go back and learn a lot of the vocab over again with kanji later on. Feels like twice the effort when I could have just worked a little harder and learned the kanji from the get go.

Just stick with it. If you’re doing wanikani at the same time it will make wanikani a little easier. When I find one particular work/kanji really tough to learn in Kitsun, I often copy and paste it into wanikani’s search bar and use WK to help me learn the kanji.