Kanji input not recognized?

I have a file with English sentences and their Japanese translations using kanji. However, when I import this file into a Kitsun deck I find that I cannot input my answers in kanji. Even when I copy the actual answer and paste it in so that I’m certain it’s the exact correct answer it says it’s the wrong answer and I cannot progress.

Ideally I would like to be able to have the answer stored in both kanji and kana and have the option to answer the question either way for maximum flexibility. However at this point I’d be content with just recognizing my answers as correct.

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Which deck does this occur with? I’d like to take a look :slight_smile:

It’s just a personal deck that I’m building as I study grammar in Lingodeer, so it’s not a community deck.

An example:

Front: “How is the weather today?”
Back: 今日の天気はどうですか。

But typing out the exact same answer is not considered correct. However, if I use the same input in Anki it works fine.

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I just took a look and it seems like you are using {{type-ja:fieldname}} for your inputs. That input type actually auto converts your (english) writing to hiragana/katakana, so inputting kanji there won’t work. What you would want to do is use a {{type:fieldname}} input instead.

I also saw that you are using the “old” default layouts but already made a few personal copies. I think the easiest way to go is to make a new personal copy of the “English -> Japanese” layout and adjust the field type like I mentioned above.

If this all sounds like hocus pocus, I would love to help you out and set it right for you :smiley:

Thanks, I managed to make it work by doing as you said! I duplicated the layout and changed “type-ja” to “type” and tested it out.

One other thing – is it possible to accept multiple answers in such a deck? I’d like to add a second answer to each card that’s just the kana version of the answers, or alternate answers. When using English answers it was possible to add a comma between each answer, but even if that worked in Japanese answers, my deck has some answers that contain commas as well so it won’t really work well.

I’m thinking about maybe having a separate “second/third answer” field in a layout that would be checked.

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Kitsun also splits answers on ; and fullwidth commas so perhaps that might work?

If you want to combine multiple fields into possible answers then that is also possible through adding a bit of code to the layouts:

<div id='combinedans' >{{field1}},{{field2}},{{etc}}</div>

Adding this will combine all of the fields into valid answers. Great for when you have separate fields for kunyomi/onyomi and such.

On a sidenote, I think the default layouts don’t have the styling to hide the combinedans div. You can hide it through adding inline styles on the div though. Like style='display: none;'

Is it possible to split answers on a custom delimiter instead of the defalut ones? Since my answers are in full sentences they sometimes do contain commas, for example. I figured having separate “alternate answer” fields would help, but I"ve found that there are sometimes multiple alternate answers I’d like to accept so it makes more sense to string them together in one field. However what I want to do is to set some custom uncommon delimiter like the character ‘$@’ that I won’t ever see in a sentence.

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Not currently possible, but might be cool to have as a deck setting!

Perhaps ; might be useful in your current scenario?