Just received my first payment for translation work. Buying the Kitsun lifetime subscription with it

The title says most of it. Kitsun is a relatively recent addition to my studies (having only subscribed to it in April of this year after years of sitting on those Beta discount perks), but as I see it getting better decks and being packed with useful features all managed by someone who is clearly passionate about what he does, I have no doubt in my mind that I’ll be using it for years to come.
Emotional bullshit aside, after years of flashcards and watching the same shows over and over again, a journey that I thoroughly enjoyed but nevertheless had its sloggy parts, it feels amazing to put those skills to use, (especially when you can earn more than your country’s minimum monthly salary in 2 days of work).
My shameless thirst for money aside, I look forward to following many other fellow Ajaaters and MIAists in jumping off the 日本語 wagon and onto the Chinese (Putonghua) carousel.
Thank you to all the infinitely more creative and skilled deck-makers as well as those who perpetually animate and keep alive these forums for making this possible.


Stories like these make it all so worth it for me :smiley: Really glad to hear Kitsun is working well for you and that you are reaching your study goals :smile: (I assume one of your goals was to do translation work, or at least put your language skills into practical use).

Thanks for making my day!