Just a bit more polishing

Hi there, first I just want to give my thanks to the creators for this site as it’s been helping me tremendously with my study. The site works well, but I’ve noticed a couple of places that can use a bit more polishing.

  • Review session: I come from Wanikani so I’ve got used to their snappy reviews which I can go through fairly quickly by just entering answers and double Enter. Here in Kitsun, I don’t know if this is just me, but for some reason double Enter after inputting the answer doesn’t work sometimes, which honestly is kinda annoying because it breaks the flow. I know this is not really your number one priority nor user-breaking bug, but as mentioned previously I think this is one of those things that can really add a better edge to Kitsun.

  • Decks & Cards: I noticed that if I add a deck, there is no way for me to customise the cards like tags or other info. Things like two cards having the same definition like「お手洗い」and「トイレ」is kinda hard to be able to tell which is which without tags. I can go through the “Propose Change” workflow but to be fair sometimes the change is too small to be proposed upstream. Is there no way to add my customisation while retaining updates from the deck creator themselves?

Just my two cents after a couple of weeks using Kitsun, but like I said I really like the site and would love to continue to use it.

Thanks for spending some time reading this :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the compliments and feedback. Really happy to hear it’s working well for you :tada: :smile:

  • Does this only occur after getting an item wrong? There is an intended delay before you can hit enter after entering a wrong answer again, as some people tend to automatically hit enter twice even when it marked it wrong due to a typo.

  • For community decks you are currently limited to adding your own synonyms and notes, but perhaps it is not a bad idea to add a ‘hint’ field as well, which can then be shown on the front of the card (just like how personal notes and synonyms can be shown on the card as well). Ideally I’d prefer people to send in suggestions so the author can fix it for everyone at the same time, but I can understand that sometimes you’d want a quick and personal solution.

Let me know what you think ^^

Hey there,

  • Unfortunately as far as I can tell this happens at random regardless of right or wrong answers. I suspect that this is caused by the site waiting for server responses, or perhaps by the animation being played after each word. I don’t have enough information so this is at best an educated guess, but I hope it can help. There’s actually a feature which I think can solve this indirectly. One can turn fast mode on to go through reviews fairly quickly, and it works by “question -> answer -> enter -> next question” without stop gaps in between questions. This, I think, is better because fast mode may be beneficial to other users as well not just myself. I don’t know if there’s any plan for this but I sure hope it can make its way into the feature list.

  • I submit suggestion upstream whenever possible if the change is important enough for everyone. However, there are cases when I don’t think it should make into upstream. One example I can think of is when I want to make a quick note in my native language, which may not be suitable for everyone to see (unless everyone speaks Vietnamese xD)

Lessons and Quiz wait for server responses, Reviews however work async, in that it should advance to the next card without waiting for any response. Have you noticed this only/mostly during Lessons/Quiz (part of lessons) perhaps? It does not wait for animations either, it just disables the hotkey until the other side is visible again and the call has been sent (but doesn’t await the response).

As for what you are describing as fast mode, Kitsun actually has that built in for reviews. In the top right next to the review counts you can find a lightning bolt icon. Clicking on it will toggle it on and do exactly what you are describing :smiley: It’s officially called “Lightning Mode” in Kitsun :stuck_out_tongue: There’s also a reorder button there by the way ^^

Yeah, can totally see that scenario, although I think the personal notes field can work in that case, I don’t mind adding a personal hint field ^^

Thanks again for the feedback and response :smiley:

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Hey there, thanks a lot for your response :slight_smile:

This actually happens during both of lessons/quizzes and reviews. It happens sometimes when you double enter right after typing in the answer. From what you’ve said, I suspect that the second enter got disabled during that brief moment when it’s showing the other side of the card and making the request.

This is actually godsend. Thank you so much for pointing this out :slight_smile: Can’t believe I’ve been using Kitsun without knowing this :sweat_smile:

That’d be lovely. The reason why I was going for customisation in the first place was because then I can change tags so I can distinguish things before typing in the answer. I’ll be completely happy if personal notes works in a similar fashion.

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